Business area

Overseas Operation

Entrust your import/export operations to our Overseas Division.

Having businesses involved in plastics as customers, the Overseas Division supports them by improving business opportunities for operators, improving the profitability and effective use of the workspace and materials by performing mold manufacturing, molding machine sales, resin/additives sales, recycled raw material sales, waste plastic collection, promotion of molding business orders, proposal of appropriate raw materials, factory equipment proposals, purchase of defective products and residual raw materials, and plastic oilification.

Business contents of import and export of the Overseas Division:

  • Buying and selling various resin materials
  • Import/export, sales of machinery such as injection molding machines, crushers, and extrusion molding machines
  • Import/export and sales of resin additives
  • Import/export and sales of waste plastic
  • Import/export and sales of recycled plastic products
  • Sales of waste plastic oilification plant
  • Import/export and sales of vacuum casting equipment

Export License

Export License|Waste plastic exporter registration certificate for mainland China

Waste plastic exporter registration certificate for mainland China

Since 2005, exports of waste plastic to mainland China are limited to registered traders, and exports by non-designated traders have practically been prohibited.
Our company was registered as a registered exporter in 2005 .