Product information

TR resin (surface-modified grade)

We have succeeded in developing a plastic material with excellent water and oil repellency. In addition, the following functions are added to this material at the same time, and it is possible to provide various thermoplastic resins with performance that will satisfy you. Specifically, it is a product that can be used for plastic products that are easily soiled, where dirt is difficult to remove, or where various liquids tend to adhere.




Wetting tension test Wetting tension test
*Test conditions: JIS K6768
・ Test solution: Mixed solution no. for wetting tension test 30.0
(Wet tension = 22.6mN/m, 23℃)
TR resin-PP
TR resin-PP
[Contact angle evaluation results]
Resin Water Oleic acid
PP 90 20
ABS 90 20
TR resin-PP 107 54
TR resin-ABS 101 47
Measuring method: Droplet method
Measuring device: Kyowa Interface Science Co., Ltd. (Model No. CA-VP)