New material development

Our Strengths

The unrivaled strengths of Takaroku Shoji that open up unique paths

[Strength:1] Expertise and proposal capabilities cultivated over our more than 50-year history

Takaroku Shoji Co. Ltd. is a plastic specialist group established in 1964, with a history of over 50 years.
As a specialized trading company engaged in everything related to plastics that are indispensable for daily life, and as a manufacturer of colored and compound resins, we have launched products that meet user needs to be armed with advanced technologies.
We will continue to take on customer challenges without forgetting our spirit of being close to the customers, which has not changed since our founding.

[Strength 1] Expertise and proposal capabilities

[Strength:2] Unique development capabilities unrivaled by other companies

A variety of advanced technologies not realized by other resin manufacturers are our greatest arsenal.
Different from large manufacturers, with the knowledge and functions of a specialized trading company as arsenal, every day we are developing products with speed.
Among these products, TR Resin, which was born from the needs of customers and the advanced development capabilities of Takaroku Shoji Co. Ltd., is a unique product with excellent future prospects.
Our products will continue to evolve with our customers.

[Strength 2] Unique development capabilities unrivaled by other companies

[Strength:3] Recycling compounds meeting the needs of the times

Together with ,Takapura Recycle Corporation a company specializing in material recycling, we have realized a technology to increase strength using recycled resin.
In addition, we are expanding the possibilities of recycled materials by adding new value through advanced functions such as flame retardancy, electrical conductivity, impact resistance, and heat resistance.

[Strength 3] Recycling compounds meeting the needs of the times
We are promoting a Zero Emissions Initiative.

Together with our customers, Takaroku Shoji Co. Ltd. and Takapura Recycling Corporation are promoting the construction of a material recycling system targeting zero waste generation at all times.